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Fly Fishing Vermont | The best Trout Fly Fishing in Vermont

11 Dec 2021

The Best Places to Fly Fish in Vermont

Vermont is one of the smallest states in the United states in terms of area and population. To increase the population, the government has implemented a number of measures like making it more attractive for anglers. Anglers who are interested in Vermont Fly Fishing would like to find the best places for fly fishing so that they can easily catch the fish they want with less effort. Some of the best places for fly fishing in Vermont based on feedback from experienced anglers and fly fishing experts are listed below.

1. White River

White river is one the largest rivers in Vermont with many tributaries. The river is approximately sixty miles long and has brown, brook and rainbow trout. In addition to the wild trout, the river is also stocked with trout. Additionally the Atlantic salmon can also be found in the river.  Fishing in the river is recommended for beginners. The Royalton section of the river has rainbow and brook trout while rainbow trout are found at Bethel. It also has large population of small mouth bass

2. Battenkill River

Battenkill River

Battenkill river is 59 miles long, flows through the green mountains and is one of the most popular and scenic fishing locations in Vermont. Wild brown and brook trout are found in the river, and stringent fishing rules are implemented for conserving the environment. The fish are found in the slow moving pools and along the bank. Since many anglers are releasing the fish they catch, it is more difficult for beginners to catch fish, since the older fish are aware of the various fly fishing techniques.

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3. Mettawee River

Mettawee river flows through the Green mountains and farmland in Vermont for 16 miles before entering New York. It has a large number of brown, rainbow and brook trout. The anglers can use the public access points to the river on the bridges and highways. Alternately they can ask the dairy farmers for permission for accessing the river through their property.

4. Clyde River

Clyde river offers more fishing opportunities in Vermont due to the variety of fish. The upper section of the river has brown and brook trout. The middle and lower section of the river has rainbow trout. Additionally these sections have rapids where salmon come to spawn. It is a diverse river with lakes and ponds, so different fishing techniques should be used.

5. Black River

Black river is a tributary of the Connecticut river. It is stocked with fish, so anglers can find better fish. Experts recommend fishing in the river at Weathersfield and the section near the bridge contains larger trout.

6. Otter Creek

Otter Creek

Otter creek miles at 112 miles is the longest river in Vermont. The river starts from Green mountains, flows through the National Forest to reach Lake Champlain. The upper portion of the river has brook trout.The tributaries of the river are also popular for trout fishing.The lower section of the river has a diverse range of fish like bass, pike, carp and trout. Fly fishing in the lower section is also possible during winter due to warmer temperatures.

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7. Lamoille River

Lamoille river is 85 miles long, starting from Greensboro and flowing towards Lake Champlain. The river starts as a stream and then widens at Hardwick. Like other Vermont rivers, rainbow, brook and brown trout are found in the river. Additionally the river also has a large number of salmon. The larger fish are found in the tail water of Morrisville dam.

8. Walloomsac River

Walloomsac river is another stream which is stocked with trophy trout. More than 750 different fish approximately 14 " in length were introduced in the waters. This stream is conveniently located for people residing in the area, so that they do not have travel long distances to the mountain streams. It is also easy to catch large fish close to the river bank.

9. Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain and its tributaries are some of the most popular places for fishing in Vermont. The lake has a wide variety of fish including salmon, pike, bass and trout. It is easier to catch fish at the wetland areas, rocky points along the river bank. Canoes and kayaks can also be used for catching fish in the lake.

10. Waterbury Reservoir

Waterbury reservoir at Waterbury in Vermont is another popular place for fly fishers. Till July, it is ideal for trout fishing after which anglers can fish for small mouth bass.

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