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We are passionate about fly fishing - period.  There is nothing like watching a trout rise up and hit your dry fly, or watching your strike indicator bury itself into the water while fishing a deep pool.

Each hookset is like un-wrapping a Christmas present.  You never know what you have until it is in the net.  Hearing the line soar out of the reel sounds like a whisper to my ear.  I cannot get enough of the feeling, the art of the sport and the beauty of a native brook trout.

We've bought thousands and thousands of flies over the years - from nearly every online fly shop imaginable.  What we want to provide you is a quality fly, one that we are proud to delivery.  We want you to have a quality day on the river, made possible, in small part, from our flies.

We are located in Charlotte North Carolina.  We fish for trout, bream and bass locally.  My personal favorite trout stream is Helton Creek, just above Boone North Carolina.  It borders North Carolina and Virginia and is simply a hidden gem for this area.  


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Charlotte Fly Fishing

10612D Providence Road, Suite 308

Charlotte, NC  28277

United States of America

Phone: 800-245-5065

Email: fishing@flyfishingcharlotte.com

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