Fly Fishing Accessories


Having the right fly fishing accessories (tools) will ensure your day on the river is productive.  There are a few key items every fly fisherman needs.  Fly fishing is different than traditional fishing as you need to have all needed items on you.  Many traditional fishermen will carry large tackle boxes, or have their gear on a boat.  Fly fishermen need to have tools close at hand, often in a pocket or tied to a vest.


Umpqua River Grip Nipper Tungsten Carbide

Nippers are one of the used fly fishing tools you will carry.  They are most commonly used for cutting leader and tippet, and trimming extra tippet from your fly.

These Umpqua River Grip nippers are made from tungsten carbide which will last a lifetime. 

The come in a variety of colors and priced near $10.

Fly Fishing Nippers
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Free Dozen Prince Nymphs

Umpqua Dream Stream Fly Fishing Tools Combo Pack

This combo back has everything you need for your fly fishing vest.  Complete with nippers, forceps and a retractable clip on, you will enjoy this easy to use combo back.

Price at $20

Fly Fishing Tools

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Southfork Products Solo Magnetic Fly Holder

This little item will save you from dropping flies.  It is a magnetic holder for your flies - best used when changing flies.

Have you ever dropped a fly while tying a new fly on?  This cup will hold your fly safely with  a magnet.

Comes in a variety of colors for only $13

Fly Fishing Tools
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GINK Fly Pro Original Flotant

There is nothing like watching a trout slurp a dry fly off the surface.  Gink is what makes that feeling possible.

I've personally used this flotant for years to dress my dry flies.

Priced for only $7, check out two bottles for only $10


Fly Fishing Gink


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Free Dozen Prince Nymphs

Rio Fly Fishing Tippet Head gate with 2X~6X-PowerfleX-Tippet Fishing Tackle

A tippet holder is one of those must have items for every fly fisherman.  This tipped holder neatly holds all of your tippet spools in one place.

Comes with a clip so you can secure the holder to your vest, coat or backpack.  Ring is made from aluminum so it will last a lifetime.

Priced for less than $30.


Fly Fishing Tippet Holder


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