Fly Fishing Lanyard

Personally I use a fly fishing lanyard.  It fits around my neck and everything is close by when I need it.  The weather here can go from hot to cold rather quickly, and a fishing vest just is not practical for me.  I love my lanyard and wouldn't fish without it.  Below are a few great finds your can consider as well.


River Canyon Fishing Lanyard

  • Fly Fishing Lanyard for Neck, Waders or Tackle Bag - Light weight
  • A nice accessories to keep your tools right in front of you - fishing equipment

Free Dozen Prince Nymphs

Orvis Lanyard/Only Lanyard - Loaded

  • Flat webbing design
  • 6 paracord loops
  • Forcep dock
  • Drying patch
  • Loaded and ready to go!

Ultimate Fly Fishing Lanyard - Green - PRO - Replace The Vest!

  • Integrated foam fly holders on each side of the lanyard
  • Foam neck pad for extreme comfort
  • Ultra-lightweight and adjustable
  • High-quality stainless hooks for durability and good looks
  • Handmade in the USA

Dr. Slick Lanyard

  • Elastic Necklace w/Tippet Spool Caddy
  • Comes with two RPD Retractors
  • 1 FH Floatant Holder
  • 1 Waterproof Fly Box

Free Dozen Prince Nymphs

SAMSFX Fly Fishing Lanyard Braided Paracord Neckvest Strap

  • Customize your unloaded lanyard, set up your fly fishing lanyard with all of your favorite fishing accessories such as forceps, scissors, tippet, flies, nippers, pliers...
  • Made of 550 braided paracord, breakaway feature for safety using. Foam neck pad for extreme all-day comfort. Padded adjustable length for adults and children
  • Include the SAMSFX lanyard in your fishing pack. The lanyard comes with fishing zinger retractors, fly patch which is made of weightless cork to carry and dry flies
  • Durable fishing clips and paracord designed for all seasons on the water. 5 snap swivel hooks to hold your fly fishing gadgets easily, 1 shirt clamp can clip to shirt
  • Keeps all fishing tools at your fingertips and ready to use. Holiday gifts for anglers, fisherman, fishing woman or child

Kodiak Fly Fishing Lanyard. Attachments for Fishing Tools and Accessories. Padded Neck. Adjustable Fit. Unloaded. Gift Box Included.

  • COMFORTABLE - Strap is comfortable to wear and adjusts easily.
  • ADJUSTABLE - Length can be adjusted from 38" to 48" for men, women, and children.
  • HOLDS TOOLS - Attachments hold all of your fishing tools including tippets, flies, nippers, etc.
  • EASY TO USE - Just set up once and grab and go! No more fumbling with multiple lanyards or carrying a tackle box.
  • READY TO GIFT - Arrives in the mail in a branded box and presents well as a gift for someone special.


Note: If you purchase something after clicking one of the above links I’ll probably earn a few bucks from it.