Fly Fishing Videos + Movies about Fly Fishing

 There is nothing better than sitting back and watching a fly fishing movie or video.  Especially on a cold rainy day, with nothing else to do.  I have learned a lot about reading water through these videos.  In fact I learned most of high stick nymphing by watching a movie and reading a book.

Below are a few of my favorites, including some notable YouTube channels which are also enjoyable.

Fly Fishing for Trout

This is a great movie about exactly what the title states - Fly Fishing for Trout.  

It is free for Amazon Prime members - a good movie to watch at night to learn something new.

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Fly Fishing Movie

Free Dozen Prince Nymphs

2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour

This series is a continuation of the Fly Fishing Tour that comes out most years.  Travis, David and Dave travel around the world and tell some amazing fly fishing stories and techniques.

Fly Fishing Movie

Fly Fishing Montana's Bitterroot River in March and Rock Lake WA

Ever dreamed of fishing the Bitterroot?  This fly fishing video lets you see some of the most amazing scenery in the world.  Amazing and inspiring video.

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Fly Fishing Movie

From Trout Hunting NZ: Incredible Fly Fishing on one of the Best Trout Rivers in the World

First North Island trip of the year into possibly one of the best and most productive Trout Rivers in the world. this thing has giant fish at every turn.

From the New Fly Fisher: Fishing for Fall Brook Trout

September is a fantastic time to fly fish for large and beautifully coloured Brook Trout before they spawn. Host Colin McKeown travels to Blue Fox Camp in Northern Ontario (Algoma Country) to try and catch one of the legendary Brook Trout the region is famous for.

From Tom Jarman Fishing: Catching Brown Trout on the Dry and Nymphing on the Toorongo River (Australia)

After a day of guiding, Mike and I wanted to catch some fish ourselves so we spent the late afternoon/ evening working up the Toorongo together. The water was high but the fishing was still good!

Free Dozen Prince Nymphs

From Hardman Fishing Adventures: Streamer Fishing for Wild Brown Trout in an Amazing River


From the New Fly Fisher: Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks
In this special video, we put together all the top "tips and tricks" from the season and put them all together. From fishing for smallmouth bass with poppers to brook trout on caddis flies, this video provides a wide range of great information from the hosts of The New Fly Fisher.

Trout Hunting NZ: Catching Ridiculously Big MEGA Trout on Fly (100 lbs!)
Day 2 fly fishing for and catching giant mega trout. we landed just over 100lbs this day [some fish didn't make the video]. Ridiculous fishing for amazing trout Any way big thanks to lance had an epic time bro!

From Drew LooknFly: Catching Fish until my Arm Hurt & Truck Camping
In part 36, I've hiked into a small stream in Wyoming that's absolutely full of fish...every pocket seemed to hold a trout. I found browns, brook, cutthroat, rainbows and cuttbows in this amazing stream....dry/dropper rig was explained in a past video...part 27 linked below. I end the day camping on top of a mountain which had some of the most amazing views yet! See the rig, how to find spots, all the flies I recommend and the entire 7k mile road trip below.... I'm living in my truck bed camper for 2 months and road tripping through New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.

North Georgia Fly Fishing 2020: This is a wild stream with a healthy population of wild bows. Flies used were a spring baetis nymph and San Juan worm.

From Good Buddy Fly Fishing: MONSTER Trout on the Soque River with Big T
In which Jon Anderson and Steve Heimler of Good Buddy Fly Fishing join their friend Big T for a day of fishing on Georgia's trophy trout stream, the Soque.


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